Pre-Dredging Hydrographic Survey
Pre-dredging hydrographic survey and soil investigation works shall be conducted prior to the commencement of the works in order to ascertain the actual sand locations for dredging and to determine the Quantity and Area to be dredged. Dredge Master shall also be using the survey results as his guide and reference for dredging operation. A team of independent professional surveyor appointed by the Contractor and approved by Concession Owner shall be responsible to carry out the survey works.

Method and specification of the hydrographic survey shall be and according to the standard surveying practice.

All survey results, reading and plots shall be verified by both Contractor & Concession holder and shall be submitted to JAS.


Mobilization of Dredging Equipment

Upon completion and approval of the pre-survey, the following dredging equipment shall be mobilized to the project site;

  1. 1 unit of Suction Dredger
  2. Non-propelled Split Hopper Barge – 1000 m3 capacity
  3. Work/Anchor Boat
  4. Tug boat – 1,200 HP each
  5. A system of floating and land pipes for material delivery and discharging


View of Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger hopper deck. Dredged materials are stored within dredger and transported to designated dumping site.

Mapping of Telecommunication Cable

Concession holder shall provide Time dotcom Sdn Bhd (being the cable owner), JAS, JL, KPTG and any other relevant government department, a map showing the present orientation of the cable and portions which are already exposed, by way of sonar scanning method which shall serve as the baseline information. The mapping shall be undertaken by a contractor mutually agreeable by concession holder and Time dotcom Sdn Bhd.