Marine Sand Supply


Onyx Resources Sdn Bhd is the holder of sand concession license located at offshore of Kedah. We are the authorized marine sand supplier for reclamation projects around Malaysia. Most of our clients use the marine sand for their reclamation works at ports, power plants, mangroves reclamation, industrial area development, housing development and roadworks. Our concession area consists of 90% sand, 9% gravel and 1% silt. We hold 12 million cubic meter of marine sand and currently supplying to projects and buyers around Northern Malaysia.



Our Company is constantly exploring new sites as well as new minerals with potential around South East Asia with specific aim of developing new markets for agricultural and industrial purposes – locally as well as internationally.

Our expertise in the mining industry have spanned over 30 years. Advances in technology in the extraction of minerals from deposits has improved dramatically.

Samples are taken at each new site and analysed for its content by accredited laboratory. Once a site is considered of commercial potential, assessments will be carried out. The work involves accurate mapping of each deposit with respect to grade, thickness, calculation of reserves in tonnages and the geological setting of the site.

Currently, we export the following minerals – Silica Sand, Granite, Coal, Monazite, Gypsum, Iron Ore Rock & etc. All can be packed into containers for shipping.


For enquiry, please email your request at or contact us at 03-5162 3241 / 03-5162 5287.