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As populations grow and cities become more crowded than ever, public housing has become an increasingly important issue for governments around the world. However, social housing is no longer limited to characterless blocks of concrete. These days, the aim is often to provide low-cost housing to individuals and families who need it – while still affording them the dignity of well-designed and distinctive homes.

Town Square5

Onyx Resources developed modern public housing projects frequently incorporate eco-conscious designs and elements, as efficient energy usage tends to be a priority.


Onyx Resources also aimed to create a housing development that maintains a connection to nature. While the outward-facing sections of the structure are made of corrugated steel, their inward-facing counterparts feature a “double skin” comprising sizable windows and movable wooden shutters. The open spaces in the design allow natural light to enter and air to circulate. In addition, as well as enjoying spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, the development utilizes solar power and passive solar energy.